Employers understand the variety of personal issues that employees bring to the workplace. Each of these issues comes with its own strain on the workflow as well as your necessary response in terms of human resource development. When you encounter personnel issues among your workforce, you know that they can come with incredible costs to productivity if you don’t take proactive steps to prevent effects on your activities. One of the many employee issues that can remain disguised in your workplace is hearing loss.

Just like these other personal concerns that become public concern in your place of employment, hearing loss can be an incredible cost to productivity and the bottom line. Fortunately, Anadyne offers a preventative solution for the hearing loss issues that face your employees. Their innovative Quanta system of hearing monitoring takes your team from risk to a long future of productivity and success.


Why Thorough Testing Is Necessary

Hearing loss in the workplace can be a secret enemy of productivity. When an employee misunderstands instructions, an entire day of work or more can be lost. If employees struggle to communicate with one another, the strain can lead to a loss of morale, mistaken activities, and interpersonal strife. In addition to the detriments of hearing loss for the workflow, worker safety is at risk in many workplaces and industrial sites. Not hearing a warning siren or a coworker yelling about a hazard can lead to immense risks to employees’ lives and safety, nothing to take lightly.

In addition to life-threatening risks, a noisy work environment can lead to hearing loss within the workplace. Of course prevention and enforcement of safety regulations is the most important course of action, but monitoring the status of hearing ability is essential to determining if your workforce are suffering injuries in at your place of employment. Regular hearing testing is the only solution to these and many other problems that crop up in the workplace due to hearing loss.

Anadyne has devised the ideal strategy for testing hearing in the workplace to set the baseline of hearing ability among all workers and to track their progress during their tenure at your place of employment. In accordance with OSHA guidelines, hearing loss prevention, monitoring, and rigorous annual testing for all your staff, along with education and training on hearing health, including instruction on the proper way to apply and use hearing protection in the workplace. Preventing hearing loss goes hand-in-hand with increasing productivity for your team, and Anadyne is here to help make that possible.


Other Hearing Testing

In comparison with other hearing testing systems that are available to employers, the Quanta approach does not simply try to complete as many tests as possible in the shortest amount of time possible. These other approaches tend to assemble employees in groups of up to 8 for their testing sessions, trying to get the highest billing rate per hour for their services. What is sacrificed in this approach is the attention to detail and thoroughness of testing. Safety officers sometimes see a flurry of activity and think the testing is effective, but inaccurate testing can result in lower long-term productivity.


What Makes Quanta Unique

Among the other hearing testing systems out there, Quanta does everything it can to reduce the amount of time that people are away from their workstations. With a lower impact on worker time and productivity, Quanta remains able to complete thorough and effective hearing testing with a minimal disruption.

Major corporations have enlisted our services and find it to be just what their productivity expectations demand, including Boeing, Georgia Pacific, Schnitzer Steel, and Blount. With these considerations in mind, not any hearing testing solution will do, and the Quanta system delivered by Anadyne has been shown to be the most effective system available.

By delivering thorough and specialized annual hearing tests for your entire team outside of a slipshod group setting, Anadyne can help to optimize your productivity, reduce miscommunication, and protect the hearing safety of your entire team. With such important issues at stake, your hearing testing system is not the place to cut corners. Indeed, what seems like a savings in the short term can lead to remarkable losses in future productivity.


Hearing Testing with Anadyne

At Anadyne, we help companies like yours test hearing and provide hearing protection to their employees. Our business is built on the belief that exceptional hearing safety enhances the quality of life and productivity of every worker, both on and off the job. Contact us today to learn more.