If your workers can’t hear instructions, they’ll have trouble following them. That’s one of the reasons we take hearing testing to heart. Over the years, we’ve seen firsthand how hearing loss can be detrimental to all affected. Hearing loss must be stopped before it gets started, which is why we bring you Quanta: an easy-to-use streamlined hearing testing program.

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Quanta Hearing Testing – With record keeping and group training

Description Anadyne Item # List Price
Hearing Testing 1-30 Individuals HC-5100 Request
Hearing Testing 30+ Individuals HC-5500 Request

The Anadyne Quanta process is designed to minimize impact on your business while maximizing the benefit to you and your employees. Whether your workforce is deployed on the freezing tarmac of an airport or the production floor of a wall heater manufacturer—or anywhere else—we’re ready to roll out our Quanta Hearing Testing Program for your company.


After initial consultations to get to the core of your hearing conservation needs, we work with safety officers to build a custom program for your workforce. Here is an overview of the essential Anadyne Quanta process:

  • Anadyne experts assess site conditions and perform regular in-person visits
  • Our testing schedules revolve around yours—we match your needs
  • Anadyne comes to you—we’re mobile, and our hearing expert returns as needed, even for one retest
  • Baseline audiograms and follow-up testing—ours is a smooth, easy process
  • We provide immediate notification of a shift in hearing ability, fulfilling your OSHA requirement
  • You gain peace of mind as our audiometric program experts know OSHA rules and how to ensure compliance