Industrial noise never quits. Neither does Anadyne’s quest to protect workers ears while saving your company money. Hearing testing is more important than you realize. If you’re on the jobsite with your workers and they can’t hear instructions, they’ll definitely have trouble following them, and hearing loss could lead to costly mistakes. Have you noticed that some of your staff seems confused or are having difficulty maintaining quality standards? Rather than stress about a recent drop in industrial jobsite productivity, discover what Quanta hearing testing can do for you.

Regular Hearing Testing for Occupational and Industrial Environments

The first line of defense against hearing loss is a jobsite hearing protection program, ensuring that all your employees are keeping their ears and their hearing safe. At Anadyne, we take hearing to heart, and we’ve seen first-hand how hearing loss can be detrimental to employees and employers alike. Untreated hearing loss can lead to major mistakes on the jobsite, poor communication, and frustration. If some of your workers are struggling to hear, this can also pose a safety risk, as they might not hear a warning siren, or a coworker yelling about a hazard in the industrial environment.
That’s why regular hearing testing is the key to ensuring your employees have clear hearing and can perform their jobs safety and effectively, increasing productivity and saving you money. Following OSHA guidelines, hearing loss needs to be prevented before it becomes a problem among your staff, and the best way to monitor hearing health is through annual hearing tests for all your staff, along with providing education on hearing loss, hearing health, and the best way to wear hearing protection.


While hearing tests are traditionally performed in soundproof booths or in a mobile testing vehicle, our Quanta testing is unique. Using advanced sound isolating technology, we’re able to perform accurate hearing testing using a portable headset. This provides a comfortable testing experience, and we can test your employees’ hearing right on the jobsite, ensuring accurate results in virtually any testing environment.
Our portable Quanta technology provides convenience without compromising quality. This reliable testing method gives you versatility in testing, and provides screening, diagnostics, and high-frequency audiometry without requiring a soundproof booth. The lightweight device combines the headset, audiometer, and audiometric sound booth of traditional testing and performs high quality pure tone tests as well as speech tests. Records are backed up and stored on a database, so we’ll be able to access your records anytime, anywhere, and you won’t have the headache of any extra paperwork.

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Saving Money with Quanta

Description Anadyne Item # List Price
Hearing Testing 1-30 Individuals HC-5100 Request
Hearing Testing 30+ Individuals HC-5500 Request
The Anadyne Quanta process is designed to minimize impact on your business while maximizing the benefit to you and your employees. Whether your workforce is deployed on the freezing tarmac of an airport or the production floor of a wall heater manufacturer, we’re ready to roll out our on-site Quanta Hearing Testing Program for your company.
Unlike other mobile testing that tries to test multiple employees at the same time, our Quanta process focuses on doing to job right. By coming right to you, you’ll be able to have your employees’ hearing tested without having a negative impact on productivity. You’ll save money by reducing the amount of time your employees are away from their workstation, and you’ll have accurate hearing health results for each and every member of your team.

Not only will you enjoy a fast and efficient testing process, you’ll notice an increase in jobsite productivity and effective communication when your staff are able to hear clearly.


After initial consultations to get to the core of your hearing conservation needs, we will work with your safety officers to build a custom industrial hearing testing and education program for your workforce. Baseline audiograms will be taken of all your staff, so we can monitor the ongoing hearing health of everyone on site. We will work with you to develop a testing schedule for follow-up testing that revolves around your deadlines, and we will visit your site at the most convenient times to maximize efficiency and reduce the impact or your overall productivity.
Our hearing experts will assess site conditions and perform regular in-person visits to ensure that your employers aren’t suffering from the effects of noise induced hearing loss, and are protecting their hearing. Our completely mobile system allows our hearing experts to visit you, and return as often as needed, even if it’s just for one retest. In accordance with OSHA regulations, we’ll also provide immediate notification of any shift in hearing ability among your employees, so you’ll have peace of mind knowing you’re fulfilling your OSHA requirements.
After initial consultations to get to the core of your hearing conservation needs, we work with safety officers to build a custom program for your workforce. Here is an overview of the essential Anadyne Quanta process:
  • Anadyne experts assess site conditions and perform regular in-person visits.
  • Our testing schedules revolve around yours—we match your needs.
  • Anadyne comes to you—we’re mobile, and our hearing expert returns as needed, even for one retest.
  • Baseline audiograms and follow-up testing—ours is a smooth, easy process.
  • We provide immediate notification of a shift in hearing ability, fulfilling your OSHA requirement.
  • You gain peace of mind as our mobile audiometric program experts know OSHA rules and how to ensure compliance.

Ready to Get Quanta?

Quanta is an easy-to-use, streamlined hearing testing program that includes both hearing testing and record keeping, allowing you to monitor the hearing health of your entire team across all your jobsites. The Anadyne Quanta process is designed to minimize the impact on your business while maximizing the benefit to you and your employees, both by reducing time away from work for testing, and increasing workplace productivity through clear hearing.

We’re ready to roll out our Quanta Hearing Testing Program for your company, wherever you might be working. To learn more about our mobile hearing testing program, or to request a quote for your company, call us today.